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Mundane Astrology

The 2022 Swedish General Election: A Study in Retrogradation

Why you shouldn't fear Mercury retrograde

This post focuses on the Swedish 2022 election and the process of government formation thereafter. I realize it may be uninteresting to non…

November 13th, 20227 min read
Chart Analysis

Roland Poirier Martinsson: Södra noden konjunkt Jupiter

Ännu ett exempel på södra månnodens betydelse för att förstå tidigare liv

I söndagsintervjun i P1 från den nionde oktober i år berättar den katolske filosofen och debattören Roland Poirier Martinsson om sin tro…

November 6th, 20222 min read
Chart Analysis

J. K. Rowling Chart Analysis: Part 2

Introduction to skipped steps. Looking at Rowling's skipped steps, how they were resolved, and why she has chosen to speak out on political matters

In part 1, we saw how Rowling attained her PPP and how each planet, revolving around the Sun, contributed in its own way to the story that…

August 26th, 202214 min read


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