Pluto Astrology

About me

My name is Kim Lindgren and I am a certified evolutionary astrologer based in Sweden.

Pluto Astrology is my website, blog and personal home in cyberspace. The name is based on the type of astrology I practice: Evolutionary Astrology (EA) based on the Pluto paradigm, thus Pluto astrology.


After many years in academia, I started studying astrology in depth during the summer of 2018.

I studied for Michael de Baker to become a certified evolutionary astrologer in December 2021. During and after my education, I have so far held over 60 client consultations at 90 minutes or longer.


I offer astrological consultations for anyone regardless of astrological interest. Whether you want help to interpret your birth chart or just want to gain perspective on your life without unnecessary astrological jargon - we will adapt the consultation to suit your needs.

Social Media

The blog page is where I share my own thought and ideas regarding EA: methodology, chart presentations, musings on the archetypes, mundane astrology and more.

I have an astrology Facebook page primarily directed at Swedish clients. You can also follow me on Instagram, where I will notify about new blog posts.

Personal stuff

I juggle my days between astrology, programming and the startup company BrainWake where I am a co-founder.

I prefer tea over coffee and cats over dogs.

I have six planets retrograde, two T-squares and four close conjunctions.